Scratch Cinnamon Roll Cake

cinnamon roll cake3

The thing you should know about me is that cinnamon rolls are my absolute favourite thing ever. Like ever.ever.ever. I, however, do not always have the patience for cinnamon roll making or mostly waiting for dough to rise. Therefore, cinnamon roll cake to the rescue. I saw this cake on Anna’s blog last fall and [...]

Baked Hot Chocolate Pudding


Happy Valentines Day!! What are you guys doing for Valentines day? We are keeping it low key and staying in to a nice homemade dinner and dessert. I’m thinking this year will be some homemade lobster ravioli which has been on my mind for months and months and this dessert. This dessert. OMG. So good. [...]

Creme Brûlée with Caramelized Blood Oranges


I don’t want to be a complainer, but… I am so.over.winter. Warm weather you can definitely come back now. I am totally ready for days without big thick sweaters, big boots, and parkas. Bring on the flip flops. But the good news is that this creme brûlée pretty much saved the day. It’s one of [...]

Chocolate Espresso-Almond Granola

Chocolate Espresso-Almond Granola

I’ve been literally working on this post for what seems like the better part of three weeks. I’m sorry to hold out on you! Did I mention that my in-laws moved in with us for the next two months while they visit? That’s why I’ve been M.I.A pretty much everywhere, my apologies!. It’s been a [...]

Buttermilk Cheddar-Jalapeño Biscuits


Happy New Year, guys! Err, 17 days later. I had a lot of lofty goals for 2014, being more consistent in posting was one of them. Clearly, not off to such a good start. But tomorrow is a new day, and I’m really going to try. Promise. I also decided that this year would be [...]

Overnight Yeasted Waffles

5 Minute Overnight Yeasted Waffles | Portuguese Girl Cooks

Hey Guys! I can hardly believe that today we will be ushering in 2014!! It seriously feels like 2013 passed in a flash! It was a great and memorable year with the addition of Oliver to our family, and so much to be thankful for! I hope you had a fabulous holiday! Ours was wonderful [...]

Chocolate Babka Swirl Buns

Chocolate Babka Swirl Buns | Portuguese Girl Cooks

Guys, sorry it’s been so long since my last post. I’m literally so behind with everything you would seriously think I was joking. For example, my Christmas tree has been put up for about 2 weeks and has yet to be decorated, and lets not even talk about the rest of the decorations. I did [...]

25 Best Holiday Recipes

25 Holiday Recipes from Portuguese GIrl Cooks

    Hey Guys! I just wanted to share a quick roundup of some of my favourite holiday recipes that range from breakfast items, to Christmas desserts, to cookies, bars, and candy that is perfect for holiday gifting! Have a great day and I will be back later this week with another great holiday recipe! [...]

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